See the Costume Plot for the list of characters and what costume pieces they need to bring in.

Please have students bring all elements of their costumes that they are providing (underclothing, animal clothing, shoes). The costume plot is linked in case people forgot what was needed.
***Please be sure animal clothing is LONG-SLEEVED (for most students; there are a couple of them who do not need this but we have spoken to them), and covers them pretty fully (no shorts, plunging necklines….). ****

A note on Costuming from Ms Gifford:

Because students play various characters in the show, and all of them portray animals at some point, we have a basic costuming plot for the show of items that we are mostly providing, but we need your help with foundational garments and shoes/hosiery. We always ask students to provide shoes, but for this show, we also would like them to provide the following:

Basic Tops and Bottoms:
All students will need basic clothing that mirrors the basic colors of the animals they portray. We have attached a costume plot to show the animals students are portraying. We would like students to wear a long-sleeved, crew or turtleneck style top and pants or leggings to match (roughly-it does not need to match exactly) — lightweight is best, as it gets warm during the show! Leggings or leotards and tights are definitely acceptable, along with other types of clothes; light stretch pants or even thermal underclothes work well. I’m assuming boys will go the thermal/sweatpants route!
Because these clothes will go UNDER THE REST OF THEIR COSTUME, they should be fairly close-fitting, particularly the tops. The students will be wearing tunics over these for the other parts of the show, which are mostly looser-fitting, but not THAT loose. Large sweatshirts and bulky, very baggy tops should be avoided.

A NOTE: I searched for brown thermal/sweat pants for adult-size guys, and yes, they are a little hard to find. I found some at Sears, and on Amazon, and a few other places. Youth sizes are easier to find than adult men’s sizes. Of course, because I am a genius, I cast several guys as animals that need brown pants. They can wear regular pants, but it’s usually easier to move in athletic-style pants. If you really have a problem, please let me know and I’ll try to help!

SHOES: For most characters, the ideal shoes would be jazz shoes (tie or slip on), which can be black or any neutral color, or ballet shoes. Other basic shoes are acceptable as long as they can move in them, are plain, and stay on their feet. They are welcome to use shoes that are their animal color as well. Uggs of any sort, slides, flip-flops, or sneakers are not good for this show.
For lead characters, we would appreciate if they could provide neutral-color sandals. Any basic sandal style is acceptable for that. Certain specific characters (Adam and Eve, etc) we will speak with individually.
Snake Girls: Because the Snake is such a unique character, we would like to ask that the girls provide their own black character shoes just for that number (any size heel).

If there are problems obtaining anything, please let us know, and we will do our best to help.

WE ASK FOR STUDENTS TO PROVIDE THESE COSTUME PIECES BY PRE-PRODUCTION, the week before April vacation. If there are any issues by then, we need to catch them and help out before the show.